Ivor Houlker


Ivor Houlker is a multidisciplinary performer and theatre artist, who works internationally as an actor, musician and director. Ivor is the co-founder and artistic director of Rooftop Productions in Hong Kong. He is also the co-founder of “We Are a Real” Theatre Company in the UK. He has worked with OPT Gardzienice under the direction of Włodzimierz Staniewski for a number of years, as well as collaborating with members of Tadeusz Kantor’s company, the Grotowski Centre, Mischa Twitchin (of Shunt), Helen Chadwick (Song Theatre) and Andrea Cusumano. Ivor has worked as a projection artist for James Brennan and for Limb2Limb. In Hong Kong Ivor also works a lot with We Draman Group.

Ivor’s own work has been shown in London, Edinburgh, Brighton, Prague, Palermo, Epidaurus, Wrocław, Warsaw and Lublin. Ivor specialises in creating large scale outdoors site-specific performances, involving live music, choral movement, multimedia projection, sound installation, and audience interaction. One of his most recent projects in Sicily took the form of a carnivalesque promenade piece, involving local musicians as part of the devising process, an installation that transformed two large aircraft hangars, and a medieval banquet with the audience. With We Are a Real Theatre Company, Ivor focuses more on the absurd, and postmodernist deconstructions of theatre, the latest of which took the form of a lecture on Morris dancing in the style of Merce Cunningham.

Ivor works between London and Hong Kong. He initially trained at Rose Bruford (London), and completed an MA at Goldsmiths (London) in 2013.