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Building with Bamboo

Building with Bamboo

Building with Bamboo is We Draman’s Cultural Ambassador performance for 2016. I was the musician and movement coach, playing flute and djembe… and doing a random bit of puppetry. Again, more on Rooftop: Building with Bamboo.

Milk and Honey, Hong Kong

Milk and Honey

I co-directed this one with Billy Sy at Fringe Club Upstairs (Hong Kong). I was also music director, object maker, projection fixer and many other things. Most of the information about the show is on my company website: Rooftop Productions.


A Series of Unexpected Events

This is a show I wrote with Michelle Li for Rooftop Productions, about global citizenship, which tours to local schools. It’s got a structure that let’s the audience vote on some choices, a bit like a choose your own adventure game. I wrote the music and the lyrics, co-wrote the book, recorded the backing and helped direct the puppetry aspects of the show. There’s more information about it on Rooftop Productions: A Series of Unexpected Events.


Psychophysical Workshops

I’m currently running a course on psychophysical actor training on behalf of Rooftop Productions.

There’s much more information about it on the official page here: Psychophysical Actor Training

The Beautiful Ones Show Photos

The Beautiful Ones

I co-directed, performed, wrote the app, made the instruments, wrote the music, played the instruments, and co-wrote the audio guide in The Beautiful Ones for my company, Rooftop Productions. If there had been any baskets in the performance, I would have woven them. I’ll include some photos below, but there is much more information about the show on the Rooftop Productions’ website.

Ivor Houlker teaching at Baptist University

HKBU Drama Club Physical Theatre Workshop

Hong Kong Baptist University Dramatics Club recently invited me to give a workshop introducing physical theatre, as part of a bigger series of theatre practitioners giving workshops on their specialisations. My own workshop focused mainly on physical approaches to creating character and starting to build dialogue through physical theatre.

Photos From the Workshop

Guangzhou Physical Theatre Workshop

Teaching in Guangzhou

I’ve been teaching physical theatre in mainland China for the first time this weekend. I’m mainly posting about the workshops I do at since they’re through my company.

There are lots more pictures and things here: Physical Theatre Workshops in Guangzhou