Milk and Honey, Hong Kong

Milk and Honey

I co-directed this one with Billy Sy at Fringe Club Upstairs (Hong Kong). I was also music director, object maker, projection fixer and many other things. Most of the information about the show is on my company website: Rooftop Productions.

The Beautiful Ones Show Photos

The Beautiful Ones

I co-directed, performed, wrote the app, made the instruments, wrote the music, played the instruments, and co-wrote the audio guide in The Beautiful Ones for my company, Rooftop Productions. If there had been any baskets in the performance, I would have woven them. I’ll include some photos below, but there is much more information about the show on the Rooftop Productions’ website.


Puppetry Update

I’ve been a little bit too busy to keep up with what’s happening in the Sidekick Project puppetry work. We’ve now finished the puppetry training stage of things and started rehearsals for the performance at APA drama theatre, which I’m happy to say should prove to be very untraditional and interesting. I’ll probably be playing the flute as well as doing string puppets, plate spinning and other crazy things.

Superheroes Don't Give a Shit!

Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit!

Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit! 《超能人廢能事》 was created as a devised collaborative piece with We Draman actors and students. We began with workshops in site-specific and devised ways of working, going on to create material and refine it into a show. Our starting point was the title, and the idea of everyday heroism. The result was an entirely original piece using all of the different spaces in We Draman’s studios, including the foyer and kitchen areas. This is We Draman’s fifth yearly Creative Project, and it was performed from 9th-19th October 2014.

Festa Farina e Forca Behind the Scenes

Festa Farina e Forca, Behind the Scenes

Found a bunch of behind the scenes photos from Festa Farina e Forca while I was looking for the performance photos for an article. Not sure if I shared them before, but I definitely should have.

Hedgehog Hat Basket Weaving

Multidisciplinary Basket Weaving

Over the years I have gradually acquired new skills from taking on different theatrical projects. This has ranged from more obviously useful skills such as digital music production, puppetry and photography, to carpentry, fibreglass costume construction, and playing the piano with a pair of chopsticks sellotaped to my head. Basket weaving seemed like a logical progression as part of my pursuit of multidisciplinarity, and so for Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit!, I decided that I would construct a hedgehog helmet using only traditional basket weaving techniques and materials, with no glue guns or gaff. Surprisingly, perhaps, after a lot of time spent finding the appropriate basket weaving materials in Hong Kong, it only took three attempts and one sleepless night to make a basket-based hedgehog-ish headpiece that would stand the test of time. Here are some pictures of the process (if I look tired, it’s because it’s 4am and I’m learning how to weave baskets…)

Superheroes Don't Give a Shit Video Promo

超能人廢能事 | Superheroes

Promotional video for 超能人廢能事 (Cantonese with English subtitles):