Milk and Honey, Hong Kong

Milk and Honey

I co-directed this one with Billy Sy at Fringe Club Upstairs (Hong Kong). I was also music director, object maker, projection fixer and many other things. Most of the information about the show is on my company website: Rooftop Productions.

The Beautiful Ones Show Photos

The Beautiful Ones

I co-directed, performed, wrote the app, made the instruments, wrote the music, played the instruments, and co-wrote the audio guide in The Beautiful Ones for my company, Rooftop Productions. If there had been any baskets in the performance, I would have woven them. I’ll include some photos below, but there is much more information about the show on the Rooftop Productions’ website.

No Exit Hong Kong

No Exit

No Exit is an original Cantonese translation and recontextualisation of Sartre’s No Exit into a modern Hong Kong setting – a Karaoke bar. We created it as a rehearsed reading at We Draman studios in San Po Kong, and the original run was from the 10th-13th November 2014. The reading was staged with blocking and lighting, with a post-show talk every night with the audience.

No Exit Dress Rehearsal

No Exit Dress Rehearsal Photos

Alfie’s photos from the dress rehearsal of No Exit. Like me, Alfie does many things… this time he translated the play, did the graphic design, and took the photos.

No Exit Rehearsal Photos

No More No Exit

No Exit has finished as quickly as it started. We managed a full house every night, which was wonderful and unexpected. It was a very good experience to have a post-show discussion every night and hear a lot of different opinions and questions from different audiences. I’m sure this will be very helpful when we come to stage it fully.

No Exit Rehearsal Photos

No Exit Last Day of Rehearsals

Photos by the talented Alfie Leung (also the translator and graphic designer for No Exit). Everything has come together very quickly and we’re already opening the show tomorrow. It’s running from 10-13 December at 8pm at We Draman, and it’s a rehearsed reading with a post-show talk. It’s definitely towards the more active end of the rehearsed-reading spectrum, with blocking, lights, sound, costume, props etc.

No Exit Reading, First Rehearsal

No Exit First Rehearsal Photos

We started rehearsals for the rehearsed reading of No Exit that I’m directing (new translation into Cantonese by Alfie Leung, produced by We Draman). Here are some photos from the first rehearsal – by Mag Tong, Tang Wai Kit and Michelle Li, with apologies for not teaching them how to use the strangely configured focus buttons on my camera. The show is on very soon, from the 10th-13th December.