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West Northumbrian Morris Review

Our Morris/Popular Culture show was reviewed in London City Nights:

“When I saw Ivor Lloyd and Jake Harrison emerge with bells attached to their knees and an accordion in tow my heart sank a little bit more, but I very quickly warmed to them. Standing atop a blue stool Ivor delivered a neatly clipped and vaguely Pythonesque treatise on “The Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture” interspersed with snippets of dancing.”


Home - Surround Sound Performance


“Home” was an experiment with the scenographic use of sound to construct and deconstruct a sense of ‘home’. The piece used surround sound, placed real sounds (made by performers), smells, and wind. I directed and orchestrated, while operating the recorded sounds (and the toaster!). The audience were made to wear ‘3D’ glasses (effectively cardboard blindfolds with the conceit of allowing them to ‘see’ in 3D). I wrote a short paper accompanying the piece:


The West Northumbrian Morris in Popular Culture

With Jake Harisson, performed at Camden Image Gallery, 1st February, 2014. In this performance I was mainly in the role of writer/director. I also performed as a musician in the piece, while Jake did most of the hard work delivering the text and dancing the choreography.

Photos by Geraldine Gallavardin

Festa Farina e Forca

Festa Farina e Forca

Festa Farina e Forca was performed in the Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa in Palermo on 25th July 2013.  This was a large scale site-specific piece that stretched around three streets and two warehouses (old aircraft hangars).  The audience followed the procession between the sites, led by a band of folk musicians/dancers, in a close parallel to a local cultural event – the feast of the Santa Rosalia.



Ch-ch-ch-changes was performed in the gardens at Goldsmiths College on 24th-27th June 2013. The performance was conceived, devised and performed by Ivor Houlker, Michelle Li, Jeanelle Archer and Henrik Oppermann.

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Narcissus and Echo

Multimedia performance with a projected version of myself singing in harmony, using the story of Narcissus and Echo in reference to the new narcissism of social media. One of my few self-directed solo performances, and one of only two where I’ve dressed as a girl. This was performed at Café 1001 in Shoreditch (London) as part of New Crossed Out.

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Sound and Fury

Performed at Lost Theatre 5 Five Minute Festival (November 2012) and and at the Amersham Arms in New Cross (2013). Sound and Fury is a short musical performance, involving an ironic cautionary true story about the perils of running a children’s Peter Pan and Pirates birthday party – a job that many a troubled young actor has found himself forced into.