Milk and Honey, Hong Kong

Milk and Honey

I co-directed this one with Billy Sy at Fringe Club Upstairs (Hong Kong). I was also music director, object maker, projection fixer and many other things. Most of the information about the show is on my company website: Rooftop Productions.


A Series of Unexpected Events

This is a show I wrote with Michelle Li for Rooftop Productions, about global citizenship, which tours to local schools. It’s got a structure that let’s the audience vote on some choices, a bit like a choose your own adventure game. I wrote the music and the lyrics, co-wrote the book, recorded the backing and helped direct the puppetry aspects of the show. There’s more information about it on Rooftop Productions: A Series of Unexpected Events.

The Beautiful Ones Show Photos

The Beautiful Ones

I co-directed, performed, wrote the app, made the instruments, wrote the music, played the instruments, and co-wrote the audio guide in The Beautiful Ones for my company, Rooftop Productions. If there had been any baskets in the performance, I would have woven them. I’ll include some photos below, but there is much more information about the show on the Rooftop Productions’ website.

HKELD Artist of the Month

HKELD Artist of the Month

I wrote a piece for HKELD’s regular Artist of the Month section, which they were kind enough to publish for December.

Artist of the Month December Ivor Houlker

HKELD (I believe it’s pronounced ‘heckled’) is the main English language theatre website in Hong Kong, with reviews and listings for all the English language and English surtitled productions here. They reviewed reviewed Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit! back in October, very kindly even though we didn’t really have full English language accessibility by that time. Anyway, it’s very popular with the expat theatre community here and well worth a look (don’t be put off by the colours).

Postdramatic Theatre

Postdramatic Reviews

I’ve been running a website for a while now called Postdramatic, which is for international theatre reviews and opinions that generally have some basis in theory. They’re really written with theatre people and other artists in mind, but the style is still very accessible (and sometimes humorous.) Of course it’s focused on types of theatre that might be considered ‘postdramatic,’ but we review a much broader range of styles and just read them from a perspective that acknowledges more forms than just dramatic theatre.

20140201_West-northumbrian-morris_lab451_(Ivor Houlker)_04_

West Northumbrian Morris Review

Our Morris/Popular Culture show was reviewed in London City Nights:

“When I saw Ivor Lloyd and Jake Harrison emerge with bells attached to their knees and an accordion in tow my heart sank a little bit more, but I very quickly warmed to them. Standing atop a blue stool Ivor delivered a neatly clipped and vaguely Pythonesque treatise on “The Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture” interspersed with snippets of dancing.”



The West Northumbrian Morris in Popular Culture

With Jake Harisson, performed at Camden Image Gallery, 1st February, 2014. In this performance I was mainly in the role of writer/director. I also performed as a musician in the piece, while Jake did most of the hard work delivering the text and dancing the choreography.

Photos by Geraldine Gallavardin