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I’ve been running a website for a while now called Postdramatic, which is for international theatre reviews and opinions that generally have some basis in theory. They’re really written with theatre people and other artists in mind, but the style is still very accessible (and sometimes humorous.) Of course it’s focused on types of theatre that might be considered ‘postdramatic,’ but we review a much broader range of styles and just read them from a perspective that acknowledges more forms than just dramatic theatre.

I’m in Hong Kong now, so I’m reviewing local work as well as international touring work. Jacob and James are reviewing from London, but they also get about a bit (Jacob recently wrote some reviews from Amsterdam Fringe).

Here are some recent examples of my own writing:

Action Hero – Watch Me Fall
Action Hero, Watch Me Fall

Hong Kong Rep – Attempts On Her Life
Hong Kong Rep Attempts On Her Life

Anarchy Dance Theatre – Seventh Sense
Anarchy Dance Theatre Seventh Sense

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