Sidekick Project Plate Spinning

Sidekick Project Journal: Back After Chinese New Year

We had some time off over Chinese New Year, and I missed a few sessions before that for various reasons, so it feels like a long time since working on puppetry stuff. Anyway, on the first day back I was very surprised to be given another new puppet to learn – the plate spinning hand puppet pictured. King (one of the other participants) is also working on a plate spinning puppet, with the idea that we can throw the plates to one another. These plates are much smaller and heavier than usual, and the sticks (apart from the one pictured on the puppet’s head) are much longer and bendier. Anyway, it’s very difficult. The most difficult thing for me is throwing the plate up in the air (using the puppet’s hands) and catching it on the stick on its head. Apart from that, I apparently spin the plate in the wrong direction. I could spin it one way after a few minutes’ practice, but after hours of trying the other (correct) way I’m not much better.

Still, it’s very nice to have a new challenge to work on in puppetry sessions. I’m never quite sure if I’m being given more things to do because I’m good at them, or because I complain the most if I’m not learning new things.

You can see this puppet has had a pretty hard life of heavy spinning objects landing repeatedly directly on its head.

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