A Series of Unexpected Events

This is a show I wrote with Michelle Li for Rooftop Productions, about global citizenship, which tours to local schools. It’s got a structure that let’s the audience vote on some choices, a bit like a choose your own adventure game. I wrote the music and the lyrics, co-wrote the book, recorded the backing and helped direct the puppetry aspects of the show. There’s more information about it on Rooftop Productions: A Series of Unexpected Events.

Actor Training Through Physical Theatre (形體劇場之演員訓練)

Actor Training Through Physical Theatre (形體劇場之演員訓練)

I’m running another series of training workshops next year (2015). This time they’ll have more of a focus on actor-training, with some text work and leading up to a final public performance. Details are available in Chinese here.

About the Course

There are two major schools of thought in actor training, focusing on either the psychological process, or on physical technique. Practitioners of physical theatre place an emphasis on the latter, but this physical engagement often leads to a heightened emotional responsiveness, and improves the performer’s ability to project (rather than simply experience) a character’s psychology.

No Exit Dress Rehearsal

No Exit Dress Rehearsal Photos

Alfie’s photos from the dress rehearsal of No Exit. Like me, Alfie does many things… this time he translated the play, did the graphic design, and took the photos.

No Exit Rehearsal Photos

No More No Exit

No Exit has finished as quickly as it started. We managed a full house every night, which was wonderful and unexpected. It was a very good experience to have a post-show discussion every night and hear a lot of different opinions and questions from different audiences. I’m sure this will be very helpful when we come to stage it fully.

Chinese Puppetry Workshops

Chinese Puppetry Workshops

I’ve been attending some workshops in Chinese puppetry, at the JCCAC in Shek Kip Mei, which are amazingly run for free supported by the the Hong Kong government’s Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme. I’ll post more about it when it’s over, but here are some photos from today’s session:

Superheroes Don't Give a Shit Character Portraits

Character Portraits from Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit

Character portraits from Superheroes Don’t Give a Shit: these were displayed in the picture frames of the foyer of We Draman (which usually contain company show photos). You can see more of my photography work on my other website: Ivor Houlker Photography

Scottish Parliament scene from the dress rehearsal photos.  I'm sitting front right.  I would always credit the photographer, but I can't find out who it is! (not credited on the government site I took this from).

Photos from Dunsinane Hong Kong

Just some unofficial fun photos from backstage. The production’s gone on to Taiwan now, so after just a few days of rehearsals and five shows, the Hong Kong actors have done their bit. It’s been great fun to work on the production, and the whole team has been impressively cohesive and professional.

On top of that I think it’s really a very good show and I’d have definitely wanted to see it if I hadn’t been in it. The live music is particularly special in my opinion, and I think finds a good balance in supporting the action without becoming an excessively cinematic underscoring. I’m not going to review it here because I’m obviously a bit biased, but I would definitely recommend seeing it if it comes to whatever country you’re reading this from.