20110414_Men-avoid-jars_symposium-in-the-rose_(Ivor Houlker)_15_

Men Avoid Jars

Men Avoid Jars was devised in collaboration with James Hodgson as “We Are a Real” Theatre Company. The version performed in Edinburgh also featured Jake Harrison in the role of grumpy performative ASM.

The piece was first performed as part of Rose Bruford College Symposium, on 14th April 2011. As a devised performance, Men Avoid Jars continued to evolve throughout the following year, during which time it was performed in London, Edinburgh and Prague. The piece was adapted to feature site-specific / site-responsive elements in different locations. In Edinburgh we performed in Summerhall’s Anatomy Lecture Theatre, including a reading from a found book on anatomy, with accompanying blackboard illustrations and a related song. In Prague we performed in Kavarna 3+1 as part of the fringe festival, quoting other shows, and making use of the venue’s unique architecture.

20110312_Men-avoid-jars_early-development_(Ivor Houlker)_06_

Early Development of Men Avoid Jars

12th of March, 2011 – one of the first development sessions for Men Avoid Jars, with me and James Hodgson.