Sidekick Project Day Four

Yesterday and this morning we continued to work with the shadow puppets, but this afternoon we started working on a marionette piece based on part of the Water Margin (水滸傳).

Useful words when being told what to do with a marionette:

線 – sin3 – string
緊 – gan2 – tight
鬆 – sung1 – loose

The performance is called 野豬林, the main character being 林沖.

I made a very small video, partly testing magic lantern RAW on the 5D3, but also to give a flavour of what we’re doing:

Superheroes Don't Give a Shit Video Promo

超能人廢能事 | Superheroes

Promotional video for 超能人廢能事 (Cantonese with English subtitles):


In the Zone of Stones

This is a video I’ve been working on with Mischa Twitchin, who created the live performance based on text from “Ill Seen Ill Said” by Samuel Beckett. The piece is performed by Penny Francis, and I shot it with a couple of cameras without any cuts – ideally it should be possible to switch between the two different cameras, but for now I’ve put them side by side. The voice is Mischa, and the music is from the “Winterreise” accompaniment by Franz Schubert (played by Gerald Moore) and from the Chaconne (BWV 1004), arranged for left hand by Johannes Brahms (played by Paul Wittgenstein). The above photo of Penny is from when she was concentrating on trying different angles with the mirror to get the light to shine on her face. She’s fantastic – she brought us ham sandwiches and mince pies and grapes.

20121104_sound-and-fury_rehearsal-photos_(Ivor Houlker)_06_

Sound and Fury

Performed at Lost Theatre 5 Five Minute Festival (November 2012) and and at the Amersham Arms in New Cross (2013). Sound and Fury is a short musical performance, involving an ironic cautionary true story about the perils of running a children’s Peter Pan and Pirates birthday party – a job that many a troubled young actor has found himself forced into.

Znak Kaina

Znak Kaina

I created the sound-reactive multimedia projection art for the performance of Znak Kaina (directed by James Brennan) over the period of about a year in Poland. Some of it can be seen at the end of this short trailer:


As well as doing the projection design, I was doing a live translation of the Polish into English, typing as the actors were speaking, wearing a yellow dress and rolling my computer around. I had initially been playing one of the characters (Micio) – in Polish – as part of the process, but was replaced by the excellent Michal Zgiet in order to concentrate on the projection.