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West Northumbrian Morris Review

Our Morris/Popular Culture show was reviewed in London City Nights:

“When I saw Ivor Lloyd and Jake Harrison emerge with bells attached to their knees and an accordion in tow my heart sank a little bit more, but I very quickly warmed to them. Standing atop a blue stool Ivor delivered a neatly clipped and vaguely Pythonesque treatise on “The Influence of West Northumbrian Morris Dancing in Popular Culture” interspersed with snippets of dancing.”

“Two things made this unlikely setup work; firstly was that both Ivor and Jake are actually damn good at what they do; the sound of the accordion nicely evocative of old-fashioned entertainment and the dancing planned and executed smoothly. Any bozo can flail their arms wildly in the air, but there was control and method to this flailing – adding a nice sense of ritual to the piece.” – London City Nights

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