Znak Kaina

Znak Kaina

I created the sound-reactive multimedia projection art for the performance of Znak Kaina (directed by James Brennan) over the period of about a year in Poland. Some of it can be seen at the end of this short trailer:


As well as doing the projection design, I was doing a live translation of the Polish into English, typing as the actors were speaking, wearing a yellow dress and rolling my computer around. I had initially been playing one of the characters (Micio) – in Polish – as part of the process, but was replaced by the excellent Michal Zgiet in order to concentrate on the projection.

The ‘official’ description:

“The performance is a wild re-imagining of the biblical Cain and Abel story which combines text from comic Roman playwrite TERENTIUS, 19th century extistentialist UNAMUNO and LORD BYRON. DIRECTION & DESIGN James Brennan ACTORS (in alphabetical order) Daniel Adamczyk, Joanna Belzyt, Barbara Ciemięga, Anna Getka, Joanna Holcgreber, Lia Alba Ikkos-Serrano, Martin Quintela, Anna Sadowska, Ilona Zgiet, Michal Zgiet, Janek Zorawski. MULTIMEDIA Ivor Houlker (Wales) MUSIC Original musical compositions by Michal Zak and Szczepan Pospiezalski. Performed and arranged by Damian Borowiec, Olena Yeremenko, Małgorzata Krasowska, Lublin Agricultural Choir SET BUILDING Rhys Chapman (Australia) COSTUME Marty Jay (Australia)”

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