Ivor Houlker

Mutlidisciplinary theatre artist

Ivor Houlker is a multidisciplinary performer and theatre artist, who works internationally as an actor, musician and director. He specialises in physical theatre and site-specific performances, involving live music, choral movement, multimedia projection, sound installation, and audience interaction. Ivor also writes computer programmes/apps to make new types of interaction possible. Ivor is a founder and artistic director of Rooftop Productions in Hong Kong.

Ivor’s own work has been shown in London, Hong Kong, Edinburgh, Brighton, Prague, Palermo, Epidaurus, Wrocław, Warsaw and Lublin. He has worked with many famous theatre groups and independent theatre artists around Europe, such as OPT Gardzienice, The Grotowski Centre, Andrzej Wełmiński (Cricot2), Mischa Twitchin (Shunt), Helen Chadwick (Song Theatre), Andrea Cusumano.

Ivor’s movement training comes from different masters in Europe: Włodzimierz Staniewski (Gardzienice), Jerzy Grotowski, and Tadeusz Kantor. He also teaches workshops in physical theatre, actor training and polyphonic singing.


Rooftop Productions


August 2019 | Cattle Depot Theatre

Performance of the Year Best Scenography Best Scenography 7 Nominations

The Furies Variations

Rooftop Productions

Director, Musician

December 2018 | Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre

Best Scenography 4 Nominations

The Memory of Water

Project Roundabout

Sound Designer

October 2018 | Shouson Theatre


We Draman

Sound Designer

May 2018 | HK Cultural Centre Studio Theatre

Not The Maids

Rooftop Productions


August 2017 | Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre Cultural Activities Hall

4 Nominations


Theatre Horizon

Actor, Musician

May 2017 | Sheung Wan Civic Centre Theatre

Lost Shoreline

Rooftop Productions

App Designer

April 2017 | Yau Ma Tei, Outside Kubrick

Milk and Honey

Rooftop Productions

Director, Collaborating Actor

July 2016 | Fringe Club Upstairs Theatre, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central

Best Scenography 2 Nominations

The Beautiful Ones

Rooftop Productions

Director, App Designer, Collaborating Actor

December 2015 | We Draman Black Box Theatre

Best Scenography 2 Nominations

No Exit

We Draman


December 2014 | We Draman

Superheroes Don't Give a Sh*t!

We Draman


October 2014 | We Draman

Wild Boar

We Draman

Musician, Sound Designer

July 2014 | Shouson Theatre, HK Arts Centre


National Theatre of Scotland/RSC


May 2014 | Kwai Tsing Theatre


Theatre in Nature 2017

Rooftop Productions

Outdoor physical theatre training camp, based in Bradbury Hall and nearby hiking trails.

Chinese Puppetry at ESF Drama Conference

Rooftop Productions

Two days of Chinese Puppetry workshops at the ESF Drama Conference at West Island School.

Theatre in Nature 2016

Rooftop Productions

Based in Bradbury Hall and nearby trails, physical theatre training in a natural environment.

Psychophysical Actor Training

Rooftop Productions

Through exercises and explorations into breath, movement, interaction, musicality, we explore the body-mind connection and apply it practically, improving participants' psychophysical awareness.

Theatre in Nature 2015

Rooftop Productions

Outdoor physical theatre training in nature, camping in Sai Kung.

Physical Theatre and Polyphonic Singing in Guangzhou

Rooftop Productions

Three day intensive course for Friends Playback Theater's actors.

Site-specific Theatre in Guangzhou

Rooftop Productions

Site-specific classes for P5 students and teachers, with a seminar on Rooftop Productions' work in site-specific theatre.

Polyphonic Song: Voice and Theatre Practice

Rooftop Productions

Polyphonic song is a tradition of singing together in different voices, which combine to make the whole sound. This workshop involves learning by ear and using songs in theatre.

Actor Training Through Physical Theatre

Rooftop Productions

Taking training and techniques from physical theatre and applying them to actor-training

European Physical Theatre Practice

Rooftop Productions

Workshop series introducing key European theatre practitioners, exploring and applying their techniques and ideas.


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